Swing sets are a great way to build relationships with Schools, Villages, Churches and most of all people. Your church or a team coming to Thailand can be involved in placing swings in a strategic area to help impoverished children to have a safe play area. Often we place a swing in a village where we do an outreach, most often to one of the villages where our Breanna’s House Girls come from. Many of these villages have no playground or school. Villages that have schools we like to build one to establish relationship with leaders so that we can share the hope that we have in Christ thru friendship and help with village development in the future.


Consider this option for your church, team or family mission project. You can come set one or two swings or help by purchasing one set for a strategic location to help open the door for outreach and relationships. Cost per swing is about $1600 for one like what is pictured. These take a team about 3 to 5 hours to assemble and set up.

Last year a wonderful team of 8 women and 2 men set one up and cemented it down in about 3.5 hours. They stayed the night in a Lisu Tribe Village adjacent to an Ahka tribe village and watched the children show up before dawn to swing and play tetherball.

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