Twelve years ago, Breanna’s House of Joy first opened its doors to 16 little girls from three tribal groups in Chiang Mai, Thailand.   Our first girls stayed in a bamboo dormitory at our property which looked very much like the village from which they had come. Today we have a 9,000 square foot dormitory, a dining hall and staff housing that sit on about 2 acres of property.  We are licensed by the Thai government as a children’s home, which only 1% of the programs in Thailand have, we have had 4 college graduates and have 6 girls in college right now.  One of our girls scored the second highest score in all of Thailand on the English competency exam and 3 of our girls have played on Thailand’s national Cricket team which is ranked number 9 in the world!  We would like to now take 10 new girls at Breanna’s House.  Thank You  for considering this!  Sincerely, Bill and Mary Lee Moritz

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Presently, Breanna’s House of Joy is trying to raise one sponsor at $150 per month for each of our 36 girls. We are also in the process of raising support for our national staff. To become a sponsor, simply email Darlene at
requesting to sponsor a girl. After you receive confirmation of your One Girl, go to our DONATE PAGE.  Automatic, monthly giving is also an option. All gifts are tax-deductible.

More than Writing a Check
Like so many orphans or abandoned children in the world, our girls desperately need to be shown their value; to be reminded that they matter. Our heart for the One Girl Sponsorship program is to encourage donors to give more than just a monthly check. Because we are a small orphanage, donors can easily keep updated on the girls through our web postings on the One Girl Sponsor Center. We keep recent photos, stories and information on all the girls there. You can easily communicate with us over Facebook or e-mail with questions or just to comment on our recent events or news post on the site.

Sponsor the Hands that Feed
We are in the process of raising funds to help finance staff salaries. Currently, we have seven national staff that work at Breanna’s House. All are Christian adults and have defined roles in the care given at the orphanage. We have a director, accountant, social worker, head chef, facilities manager and resident assistants. We are thrilled to have the strong staff that is found at Breanna’s and we believe that their encouragement and health are a vital component to the girls’ care, both spiritually and physically. These are the people who serve rice, drive to school, tutor with homework, help with laundry, attend to psychological needs, take girls to the doctor and teach Bible lessons. They are invaluable to the ministry at Breanna’s House. If you would like to help sponsor and support in prayer the staff that make it happen contact Bill Moritz.

Sponsor outreach to one of our girl’s village
Our girls at Breanna’s house all come from a hill tribe village in the mountains of Northern Thailand. 5 tribes are represented at BHJ. These villages range from small villages of 50 people in the jungle to large villages with a primary and secondary school within travel distance. Some have churches and some are totally animistic (worship of demonic spirits). All have needs that we are prepared to help. Since we already have a relationship through one of the girls at BHJ we feel that reaching into their village to also help others is part of our purpose. Providing a swing set and playground, doing an outreach, having some of our girls share their story and what great things God has done in their lives to their own neighbors and friends. There are many ways to reach out to these villages, but they all cost.