• Bill and Mary Lee Moritz

    Bill and Mary Lee Moritz founded Joy to the World Outreach in 1999 to honor the memory of their daughter, Breanna Joy. Since then, Bill has been the director of both the Foundation and Breanna’s House of Joy. Working for the Navigators, he has leagues of experience in a host of ministries, both abroad and stateside. He currently provides leadership, fund-raising efforts, and oversight for all projects. He also began New Horizons Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to providing legal accounting of funds for other ministries. It is through this foundation that Joy to the World Outreach operates financially.

  • Nitaya and Suwit

    Suwit is the Director at Breanna’s House of Joy and his wife Nitaya is the Manager/ Social Worker.

    Together; Suwit and Nitaya head the family at Breanna’s House, parenting the girls, seeing to educational, family, spiritual and health concerns. Suwit and Nitaya married April 6, 2013.

    Suwit helps oversee Breanna’s house, outreach/playground ministry and purchasing. His Chinese education along with Bible College has allowed him to work in Taiwan and for the Thai Government as a translator, case worker, and placement officer overseeing 700 to 1000 workers as their advocate. He has experience working in children’s homes and as an evangelist and pastor for 9 years. Their combined experience with Children’s homes in Thailand spans several decades. Nitaya grew up in a children’s home with a very positive experience. Nitaya has experience working to fight human trafficking for 13 years and 4 yrs. Bible College education along with exchange student education in the USA. She also served as an assistant pastor in south Thailand for 2 years. Currently she is working with the Thailand Government to gain her registered Social Worker status.

  • Mike and Darlene Corman

    Darlene and Mike Corman moved from Kathmandu Nepal to Thailand to oversee Breanna’s House of Joy in 2012. Mike serves as the Joy to the World Foundation-Thailand, Chairman of the Board. They currently provide leadership at Breanna’s House with over a decade of overseas experience in Nepal and decades of professional ministry experience in the US. Their skills are taking 5 different northern hill tribe cultures that the girls derive from, along with our western culture to build a unified direction/ vision within the Thai culture for development of Breanna’s House of Joy.

  • Judah and Leah

    Judah is the Manager of Facilities at Breanna’s House of Joy. Busy with keeping the facility in top shape is no small task! Leah is the Master Chef for Breanna’s House. Having been trained in nutrition in a culinary school, she cooks meals that the girls prefer over the many restaurants in the city! They also stand in as grandparents to all the girls.

  • Alemi

    Resident Assistant at Breanna’s House of Joy. Seeing to the daily needs of scores of girls and staff is a never ending job which Alemi does very well making life enjoyable for all.

  • Mam

    Resident Assistant and worship director at Breanna’s House of Joy. Mam sees to daily needs, worship training, tutoring and helping the girls develop a healthy emotional life. She lives together with our older girls to assist during adjustments in adolescent years. Mam is loved by all and a joy to work with.

  • Fon

    Resident Assistant and Spiritual life/education leader at Breanna’s House of Joy. She sees to the girls daily needs, teaching, assisting in homework, and overseeing the Library. She also handles the accounting for the Foundation. Fon is a big part of bringing life to Breanna’s House of Joy as well as its education programs.

  • wilai

    Wilai is a volunteer from the USA but is also a native Thai . She lives at Breanna’s House of Joy and assists in teaching English and Thai to the children, the Thai staff, as well as the US staff. She is a Thai American that began her education in Thailand, then Singapore and finally in the USA. Wilai has her teaching certification in the USA for elementary education and special education. Wilai was a pastor’s wife in the USA and served in a church at Arlington, TX for 8 years. Her husband passed away in 2010. They had a desire to come to Thailand, which she is now living. She has 2 daughters and a son, the oldest daughter also lives in Thailand and is currently in university studies in Chiang Mai. Her son is in his beginning studies to become a Pastor. Wilai is a blessing that God has given to Breanna’s House of Joy! We are all deeply grateful for her work and friendship.

  • Zane and Jan Stoddard

    Jan and Zane Stoddard have been involved with Breanna’s House of Joy and Joy to the World Foundation since it’s inception. Serving as Directors the year the foundation was registered with the Thai government, Zane served as vice Chairman and Jan as treasurer of the board the first year before handing these positions over to nationals. Jan and Zane most recently served two half year terms in Thailand over the last 24 months and will now serve fulltime living in Thailand in an advisory position in finances, establishing a ministry center in the city, as well as Outreach/Discipleship development.