Suwit is the Director at Breanna’s House of Joy and his wife Nitaya is the Manager/ Social Worker.

Together, Suwit and Nitaya head the family at Breanna’s House, parenting the girls, seeing to educational, family, spiritual and health concerns. Suwit and Nitaya married April 6 2013.

Suwit helps oversee Breanna’s house, outreach/playground ministry and purchasing. His Chinese education along with Bible College has allowed him to work in Taiwan and for the Thai Government as a translator, case worker, and placement officer overseeing 700 to 1000 workers as their advocate. He has experience working in children’s homes and as an evangelist and pastor for 9 years. Their combined experience with Children’s homes in Thailand spans several decades. Nitaya grew up in a children’s home with a very positive experience. Nitaya has experience working to fight human trafficking for 13 years and 4 yrs. Bible College education along with exchange student education in the USA. She also served as an assistant pastor in south Thailand for 2 years. Currently she is working with the Thailand Government to gain her registered Social Worker status.