Patterned after a yearly event at The Springs Church in Colorado Springs, we want to launch a day or several days to minister to families in villages by supplying backpacks loaded with school supplies for the beginning of the next school year.

Many families can barely send their children to school, so we want to help and also share Jesus as we do so. Our girls at Breanna’s house of Joy come from villages where we can easily make an impact and strong testimony for Jesus. By helping in a tangible way while the villagers see and talk to girls they know, people see and hear how Jesus changes lives.


  • We need connections to the right people in schools and villages to best ascertain where the people are needing help, to determine if villagers are open to outsiders, and most of all, where the Holy Spirit would have us go.
  • Prayer for many to help us in tangible ways so we can make this an annual event.
  • Prayer for those who would come help in the process: purchasing bulk quantities of supplies, sorting and packing, praying over the backpacks, and distribution.


We would like to set a target of 50-100 for our first year. Each pack with supplies will cost about $20. There will also be transportation costs to a village along with outreach costs such as food or Bibles and materials to distribute.

Send a team

Could your church send a team? School starts in May, so supplies have to be purchased long before that to allow time for planning, packing and preparation to distribute. Come along side Joy to the World Foundation here in Thailand to help with this extravaganza!

Giving a backpack; gives Hope!